Zerova AW series – 7kW

283,000 د.ك366,000 د.ك

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Main Features

  • Residential and commercial EV charging
  • Wired/wireless connection for Central Management System
  • Support for smart phone app and QR code for user authentication and management
  • Input: 200Vac~240Vac
  • Modern, ergonomic and custom design
  • IP55 rated for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Firmware updates through remote connection
  • Charging interface: SAE J1772 (Type 1) or IEC 62196 (Type 2)

Available Models:

  1. Model-1 (Plug and Charge)
  2. Model-2 (Wi-Fi = RIFD,LAN,Wi-Fi and OCPP)

Price will change based on model and features

Zerova AW Series

Model-1, Model-2


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