Zerova DT series – 240kW

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Optional accessories

  • 21.5” inch for various applications
  • Sunlight readable touchscreen

Adjustable Cable Arm System

  • Extended arm with a 550mm maximum length
  • Less effort than a retractable cable reel system

Sleek and Practical Design

  • Trendy bottom-mounted star lights
  • Sophisticated 3-color indicator light

High Power Machine

  • The standalone body reduces installation costs
  • 240kW ultra-fast charging

Available Models:

  1. Model-1 (2x CCS2)
  2. Model-2 (1x CCS2 + 1x CHAdeMO)
  3. Model-3 (2x CHAdeMO)

Optional Accessories:

  • AC MID Meter
  • DC Meter
  • Payment Terminal
  • Cable Management


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