Zerova DQ series – 480kW

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The DA series is 480kW Generation DC Charger. Experience A Dynamic Charging with Dual Screen and Generate Faster ROI. DA series 480kW DC charger is designed with an outdoor rating, making it highly reliable and capable of withstanding solid and liquid intrusions in outdoor settings. It is also upgradeable to allow for up to 4 DC charging outputs, each capable of delivering up to 480KW per output. Additionally, the connectors are liquid-cooled and can handle up to 500A, providing a highly efficient and powerful charging solution.

Main Features

  • Simultaneous 4 DC charging ,multi-standard:CCS,CHAdeMO and GB/T
  • Up to 480kW /500A per output with liquid-cooled connector
  • Efficiency > 94%
  • Support Ethernet WiFi and 3G/4G
  • Customization available, easy installation and maintenance
  • Dual 21.5″ Media Displays +  7″ Touch Screens with user friendly interface
  • IK10/NEMA 3R,IP55

Available Models:

  1. Model-1 (4x CCS2)= 4 cables air cooled CCS2 300A with boost mode up to 500A
  2. Model-2 (2x CCS2 + 2x CHAdeMO)=  2 cables air cooled CCS2 300A and 2 cables liquid cooled CCS2 500A

Optional Accessories:

  • Payment Terminal
  • Cable Management


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