How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Vehicle?

Please note the result shows an estimate of charging speed and might differ from actual outcome. 

Type EV Charger

There are 3 types of EV charging stations, all with different levels of charging speeds.

Level 1: Up to 16A/120V

Speed in Kilowatts per hour: 1.5 kWh
Range per hour: ~6 km

Level 2: 32A/240V

Speed in Kilowatts per hour: 7-22 kWh
Range per hour: ~40 km

Level 3 : 100A/480V+​

Speed in Kilowatts per hour: 50 kW +
Range per hour: ~240 km

Thinking of why your car charge differently

Factors to consider while charging

These factors are important for EV drivers need to know and take into consideration when starting a charge or planning their route for the day

  • EV Charging Load Sharing

This is a method of distributing power or load between two or more EV charging stations that are connected to the same circuit.

  • Temperature Conditions

To preserve the health of the batteries, charging stations and EVs will often charge slower in extreme temperatures

  • EV Battery Protection

To protect the short-term and long-term life of the battery, many EV manufacturers have default or recommended battery restrictions, driving modes, and other settings.

  • EV Rate of Charge

Is the rate consumed or accepted by an EV from a charging station. Many EV manufacturers will limit the rate of power their EVs can consume by throttling or capping it.

Source: www.chargie.com

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